Vimmerby Stadshotell, Vimmerby, Sweden Photo: © Erik Nissen Johansen

Vimmerby stadshotell

The mission was to restore one of Sweden’s oldest “stadshotell” to it former glory, and to its rightful role at the heart of Vimmerby life.


From aug 2013 to july 2014 I was an Architectural Assistant at Stylt Trampoli. However, bringing knowledge with me combined with a steep learning curve I quickly gained greater responsibilities. In the first assigned project, I got to create a stand-alone coffee bar and by the time I was 3 moths in, I was trusted to lead my own project, the legendary restaurant La Gondola Trattoria. Situated in Gothenburg’s main street Avenyn it got to continue it’s legacy.


Starting of as an participating architect reporting to the founder of the office, I became later on the head architect as the project went into construction phase. In close collaboration with the teams art directors, copywriters, designers and architects I went on site visits, held client meetings and some of the dialogues with contractors. My focus was on drawing the restaurant along with the room separée which can be seen on the cover photo of this project.

The concept

In the last half of the 19th century, Sweden’s railway network was growing quickly. Better communications and logistics brought increased trade to smaller town and cities throughout the country. Local inns and rooming houses could no longer accommodate all the travellers, and so hotels were built. The result was a Swedish institution – the Stadshotell.

A Stadshotell is the grandest hotel in a smaller town or city, centrally located and often one of the town’s best-known buildings, on a par with the town hall and the church. It’s where the finest dinner in town can be had (often with crisp linen napkins and polished silver) along with music and dancing on Saturday nights. It’s where big birthdays, weddings and christenings are celebrated, and where the local Rotary chapter and the bridge club hold their meetings.

Being one of a kind in its location, the hotel is often known by an abbreviated nickname, such as “Statt”, rather than by its actual name.

Statt in Vimmerby, a town of about 7000 in the south of Sweden, dates from the 1860s, and is located right on the central square. When it opened it had 26 guest rooms, several dining rooms, a café, a billiards room and several large salons for parties, balls, celebrations and other gatherings, and for the next 100 or so years, it was the centre of everything that went on in Vimmerby.

However, nothing lasts forever, and 150 years and several changes of ownership later, the hotel had lost much of its original charm and character to insensitive renovations and careless material choices.
Stylt’s mission was to restore one of Sweden’s oldest stadshotell to it former glory, and to its rightful role at the heart of Vimmerby life.

The new Vimmerby Stadshotell is suitably grand, but also warm and welcoming. The recurring squirrel theme – most strikingly evident in the huge oil painting above the fireplace in the drawing room – provides a playful touch (the Vimmerby town coat of arms features a squirrel, symbol of industry and hard work).

Concept text from Stylt