"This is my house" she said. As long as some type of construction was going on her collapsed house could not be taken away from her.
Academic Project
Local to Urban strategy


A new type of flexible housing based introduces a new typology where diverse ownership methods and spatial divisions can evolve over time and respond to Cuba’s ongoing transformation.

The proposal

My 4th Year Project presents a proposal on how we could avoid a future generic megacity development of Havana, by introducing a new type of flexible housing redefining group and collective living by using autonomous user defined spaces, recognizing the individuals’ needs and wills, based on Cubans’ stories about the physical and social gaps throughout the city. The main idea is to allow for a range of different ownership methods and territorial divisions, creating fluid and flexible boundaries able to adapt to social- and need-based changes. This would then contribute with a diversity to the Cuban housing stock but also allow for the additions to become independent of a site’s footprint, thus, allow it to merge with the existing urban fabric.

My case study, focusing on the evolution of the Shikumen, highly influenced and formed the course of the project.

To the left moving in state, to the right a speculation about possible outcome after a few years of adaption.

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