Mix-use culture house in central Gothenburg focusing on highlighting the collaborative arts of still and moving pictures as well as sound through public workshop, residential and workspace rental programs.
Academic Project
3rd Year Thesis 2012/2013


The captured void functions as the heart splitting the heavy volume of the cliff into too according to program. From this void, the unstoppable creative forces on the inside activates the city.


In this project I pushed myself outside the box of the school and not least what I had done before. I focused on letting the voids form the physical shapes of the building, thus sculpting what is not there.The experiments continued in new modelling techniques with both different types of foam and casting methods doing numerous physical models to express the concept.
Finally, it was a strong personal statement where I distanced myself from the principles of the school and decided it was not the place to continue my search of my identity as an architect. There was simply no room for what I wanted and needed to do. Hence, I decided not to continue my educational path here and instead transfer abroad.